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Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0

Question No: 221 – (Topic 5)

A company wants to enable a mobile user to connect to the corporate network to access calls, messages, video conferencing, and web collaboration. Which product provides these features for the user?

  1. Cisco WebEx Connect

  2. Cisco Unified Presence

  3. Cisco TelePresence SX20

  4. Cisco Jabber

Answer: D

Question No: 222 – (Topic 5)

A company is investigating the purchase of desktop video endpoints, but requires them to have DVI-I inputs for sharing content. Which desktop video endpoint model supports DVI-I inputs?

  1. MX700

  2. MX800

  3. EX60

  4. DX650

Answer: C

Question No: 223 – (Topic 5)

An immersive video room requires acoustic remediation because there is noticeable reverb present. What type of acoustic paneling does Cisco recommend to provide remediation?

  1. NRC rating greater than 0.75

  2. NRC rating greater than 0.5

  3. NRC rating less than 0.75

  4. NRC rating less than 0.5

Answer: A

Question No: 224 – (Topic 5)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Management would like to find out when a particular multipoint control unit feature was enabled and who enabled it. Which menu option is the most appropriate when searching for that information?

  1. Event Display Filter

  2. Audit Log

  3. Event Log

  4. Syslog

Answer: B

Question No: 225 – (Topic 5)

Which function does a Cisco TCS recording alias perform?

  1. It links recorded media to a specified output location.

  2. It provides a dialable alias that will trigger a TCS recording workflow.

  3. It sends media to Cisco Medianet.

  4. It provides an alias for the recorded filename.

Answer: B

Question No: 226 – (Topic 5)

A network engineer wants to check the local system call ID on a Cisco TelePresence Immersive System. Which CLI command should the engineer use?

  1. show call statistics addin

  2. show call statistics all

  3. show call statistics audio

  4. show call status

  5. show call statistics video

Answer: D

Question No: 227 – (Topic 5)

A network administrator is manually configuring a Cisco TelePresence MX300 endpoint. Which two pieces of information must the administrator introduce, in order for the system to properly register to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager or to a Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server? (Choose two.)

  1. the MAC address of the Cisco TelePresence MX300 endpoint

  2. a SIP URI

  3. the name of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server or Cisco VCS server

  4. an IP address for the endpoint

Answer: A,B

Question No: 228 – (Topic 5)

Which three products are compatible with Digital Media Manager? (Choose three.)

  1. Media Delivery Engine

  2. Interactive Experience Client

  3. Show and Share

  4. Cast

  5. Digital Signs

  6. Stadium Vision Director

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 229 – (Topic 5)

Which function does BFCP provide?

  1. BFCP is a secondary video channel that is used for content such as slide presentations and desktop sharing.

  2. BFCP is used to determine who is allowed to send media to the content channel.

  3. BFCP provides the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the far end#39;s camera.

  4. BFCP negotiates who can send DTMF tones and when the tones are sent.

Answer: B

Question No: 230 – (Topic 5)

An engineer is receiving several Cisco TMS email alerts for system phonebooks that are not updating. Which menu path should the engineer use to suppress these Cisco TMS email alerts?

  1. TMS gt; Clear this ticket

  2. TMS gt; SMTP settings

  3. TMS gt; Manage ticket error levels

  4. TMS gt; Ticket management

  5. TMS gt; Email notification settings

Answer: C

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