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Securing Wireless Enterprise Networks

Question No: 1

A Cisco WLC has been added to the network and Cisco ISE as a network device, but authentication is failing. Which configuration within the network device configuration should be verified?

  1. shared secret

  2. device ID

  3. SNMP RO community

  4. device interface credentials

Answer: A

Question No: 2

A network engineer is implementing a wireless network and is considering deploying a single SSID for device onboarding. Winch option is a benefit of using dual SSIDs with a captive portal on the onboard SSID compared to a single SSID solution?

  1. limit of a single device per user

  2. restrict allowed devices types

  3. allow multiple devices per user

  4. minimize client configuration errors

Answer: B

Question No: 3

On which two ports does the RADIUS server maintain a database and listen for incoming authentication and accounting requests? (Choose two.)

  1. UDP 1900

  2. UDP port 1812

  3. TCP port 1812

  4. TCP port 1813

  5. UDP port 1813

Answer: B,E

Question No: 4

A Customer is concerned about denial of service attacks that impair the stable operation of the corporate wireless network. The customer wants to purchase mobile devices that will operate on the corporate wireless network. Which IEEE standard should the mobile devices support to address the customer concerns?

A. 802.11w B. 802.11k C. 802.11r D. 802.11h

Answer: A

Question No: 5

When a wireless client uses WPA2 AES, which keys are created at the end of the four way handshake process between the client and the access point?

  1. AES key, TKIP key, WEP key

  2. AES key, WPA2 key, PMK

  3. KCK, KEK, TK

  4. KCK, KEK, MIC key

Answer: A

Question No: 6

Which three options are valid client profile probes m Cisco ISE? (Choose three.)


B. 802.1X

  1. CCX

  2. NetFlow


  4. HTTP

Answer: A,D,F

Question No: 7

A customer is concerned that radar is impacting the access point that service the wireless network in an office located near an airport. On which type of channel should you conduct spectrum analysis to identify if radar is impacting the wireless network?

  1. UNII-3 channels

  2. UNII-1 channels

  3. 802.11b channels

  4. 2.4 GHz channels

  5. UMII-2 channels

  6. Channels 1, 5, 9, 13

Answer: E

Question No: 8

Which EAP type requires the use of device certificates?

  1. EAP-TLS


  3. EAP-SSL

  4. PEAP

  5. LEAP

Answer: A

Question No: 9

An engineer must change the wireless authentication from WPA2-Personal to WPA2- Enterprise. Which three requirements are necessary? (Choose three.)


B. 802.1x


  2. per-shared key

E. 802.11u

F. fast secure roaming

G. 802.11i

Answer: A,C,G

Question No: 10

Which three configuration steps are necessary on the WLC when implementing central web authentication in conjunction with Cisco ISE. (Choose three.)

  1. Set P2P Blocking Action to Drop.

  2. Enable Security Layer 3 Web Policy.

  3. Set NAC state to SNMP NAC.

  4. Enable Allow AAA override.

  5. Enable Security Layer 2 MAC Filtering.

  6. Set NAC state to RADIUS NAC.

Answer: D,E,F

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