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Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V1

Question No: 11

What is an advantage of a P0WER8 system compared to an x86 solution?

  1. Supports PCIe Gen

  2. More cores per socket

  3. Lower PVU cost

  4. Greater memory bandwidth

Answer: D



/community/wikis/form/anonymous/api/wiki/61ad9cf2-c6a3- 4d2c-b779-61ff0266d32a/page/f1abe75a-a2b2-43dd-9d75- 7dae28f5bc5f/attachment/3d574a4b-b414-42c8-85b0- f941115d569f/media/2014-


=AFQjCNGIgaigZjc7XddWybzRsEyNtcfncgamp;sig2=_lmFDqISPoIG2ek- 0PWFhgamp;bvm=bv.94455598,d.d24 (slide 4)

Question No: 12

A credit card company is going to implement a new application for which security is a major requirement. The company has been quoted a solution running in Windows.

Why should the company consider a Power Systems solution?

  1. IBM has superior firewalls.

  2. IBM AIX and IBM i have security check points that make it nearly impossible to be hacked.

  3. Starting with POWER8 security is built into the processor.

  4. PowerSC includes templates for PCI compliance

Answer: D

Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/43702.wss

Question No: 13

A customer wants to run an Oracle application that is available for POWER8 and other

competitive platforms. The Oracle application is licensed per core.

Which POWER8 processor advantage provides a competitive TCO advantage?

  1. Processor Instruction Retry

  2. 8 cores per processor

  3. Level 3 memory cache

  4. Core performance

Answer: D

Explanation: POWER8 processing cores2 are the fastest in the industry for Enterprise Java workloads. It has 2x more performance per core than Intel E5-2697 v2 offerings and 1.77x more performance per core than Oracle T5-2 offerings.

Reference: https://www-

950.ibm.com/events/wwe/impact/impact2014cms.nsf/download/k7e19cd561ad41ad4145c4 e50051/$FILE/Impact2014_3407.pdf

Question No: 14

An installed HP Superdome / Oracle database customer is consider migrating to POWER8. The customer has significant financial concerns because of the multiple partitions and high Oracle licensing cost of their HP solution.

What features / capability of POWER8 should be discussed with this customer?

  1. Processor pooling and high performance cores

  2. PowerVP and PowerSC

  3. CUoD and CAPI

  4. Shared Storage and Processor roadmap

Answer: A



Question No: 15

A customer has a requirement for analytics with structured and unstructured data. They want to use Open source products.

What will satisfy the requirement?

  1. HortonWorks on a Linux on Power cluster

  2. Veristorm on a Linux on Power cluster

  3. Cloudera on a POWER8 IFL on an E870

  4. Netezza on an S824

Answer: B Explanation:

IBM Power Systems, built on the POWER8 processor and architecture, are specifically designed for optimum Big Data and cloud performance.

Combined with Veristorm Data Hub??(VDH), you can deploy a robust, open-source distribution of Apache??Hadoop? that is optimized for Linux on Power Systems. This combination brings you the best of both worlds: The innovation of the vibrant Hadoop ecosystem, and the performance and cost advantages of POWER8.

With Veristorm Data Hub, Hadoop on Power Systems, you can deliver self-service analytics with more intelligence, leveraging data volumes that exceed traditional systems. Reference: http://www.veristorm.com/sites/g/files/g960391/f/collateral/ds_VDHforPower_20150218b.pd


Question No: 16

A customer is implementing a new mission critical SAP landscape and requires a Power system with the highest level of RAS support.

Which of the following will satisfy the requirement?

  1. Any POWER8 system

  2. E870 or E880

  3. E880 only

D. S824, E870, or E880

Answer: A

Explanation: Power8 system provides highest level of RAS support. Therefore, a Power system will be able to manage mission critical SAP landscape.

Question No: 17

Which analytic solution is supported on Cognos?

  1. Predictive analytics

  2. Business intelligence

  3. Stream computing

  4. Cognitive data analysis

Answer: B

Explanation: http://www.slideshare.net/senturus/cognos-10-predictive-analytics (slide 35)

Question No: 18

A customer has an E870 installed in one location and is going to upgrade a Power 770 to an E870 in a second location

Which option describes whether a Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA) is required on the Power 770 to E870 upgrade?

  1. A TDA is only required on the first POWER 770 to E870 upgrade at a customer location.

  2. Since the customer already has an E870 installed in the enterprise, a TDA is not required.

  3. A TDA is not required on a POWER 770 to E870 upgrade.

  4. A TDA is required on all POWER 770 to E870 upgrades.

Answer: D

Explanation: POWER7 processor-based servers, a TDA is required for the Power 770 and




Question No: 19

An IT manager has several P0WER5 servers and wants to consolidate them into a new P0WER8 server. The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is asking for a financial justification for the project.

Which resource can be used to provide a rapid high-level financial data overview?

  1. IBM Global Financing

  2. Scorpion study

  3. Alineantool

  4. Eagle study

Answer: D

Reference: http://expertintegratedsystemsblog.com/2012/07/alinean-tool-get-an-accurate- picture-of-the-benefits-of-expert-integrated-systems/#sthash.9yaC7Epj.dpuf

Question No: 20

A POWERS customer with disk expansion drawers needs a non-disruptive solution to improve the disk performance at the lowest cost.

What should be proposed to satisfy the customer#39;s requirement?

  1. V7000 SAN Disk

  2. 840 Flash Storage

  3. DS5000 SAN Disk

  4. SSD drives

Answer: D

Reference: http://www- 05.ibm.com/cz/events/xtraining2012/prezentace/02_IBM_Storwize_V7000.pdf

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