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Power Systems with POWER8 Scale-out Technical Sales Skills V1

Question No: 11

A customer has a 2-core POWER6 system with five partitions and two PowerVM Standard Edition licenses, and wants to migrate to a 6-core Power SB14.

Which licensing requirement is necessary to accomplish their migration?

  1. Migrate two licenses of PowerVM from the POWER6 to the POWER8 and purchase four licenses for the POWER8 machine.

  2. Purchase three licenses of PowerVM for the POWER8 machine and use the three no- charge activations included with PowerVM.

  3. Purchase six licenses of PowerVM for the POWER8 machine.

  4. Migrate two licenses of PowerVM to the new POWER8 machine.

Answer: C

Question No: 12

Which of the following features are unique to PowerKVM ?

  1. SR-IOV

  2. Integrated Facility for Linux

  3. vTPM

  4. Ubuntu support

Answer: D

Reference:https://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/linuxonibm/liabr/liabrpkvmcommands.htm

Question No: 13

There are 20 partitions on the customer#39;s Power8 system , want to allocate additional storage from non- IBM SAN to each partition. License fees for all partitions drivers and multi-path software beyond the current budget.

Which one of the following technologies will meet their demands in the budget ?

  1. NPIV

  2. SAS

  3. SSD

  4. vSCSI

Answer: C

Question No: 14

A client is considering hardware platforms for their Hadoop implementation.

Which of the following is an advantage of a Power Systems solution over an x86 solution for then implementation?

  1. Support for two copies of data

  2. Support for the Hadoop File Placement Optimizer

  3. Support for IBM Elastic Storage

  4. Built-in High Speed Cluster Interconnect

Answer: A

Question No: 15

A customer is ordering a 4-core S814 with the following partitions:

-> An IBM i partition capped at 1.0 processors

-> A second IBM i partition capped at 0.5 processors, running a Web Sphere application.

-> An AIX partition capped at 0.5 processors.

-> A Linux partition capped at 0.5 processors.

How many Web Sphere licenses are required to support this configuration?

A. 4.0

B. 1.0

C. 30

D. 2.0

Answer: C

Question No: 16

Which technology provides dedicated virtual resources for virtual machines, improved quality of service and offloads I/O virtualization?

  1. SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization)

  2. PowerVM

  3. FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet)

  4. CAN (Converged Network Adapter)

Answer: A

Question No: 17

A customer has two Power 570 servers that need to be replaced to accommodate company growth.

-> The first server runs a transactional workload with high server usage during the day (8am-8pm)

-> The second server runs analytic queries based on the transactional data during

the night (10pm-6am).

A technical sizing analysis determined that each server would require (18) POWERS 3.52GHz cores and 160GB RAM, considering the needed growth.

What would be the most cost-efficient way to satisfy the customer needs?

  1. (1) new Power S824 with 24 cores and 384GB and DLPAR CPU resources among LPARs

  2. (1) new Power 770 with 36 active cores and 384GB active, virtualized with capped LPARs

  3. (1) new Power S824 with 36 cores and 384GB, virtualized with capped LPARs.

  4. (2) new Power S824 with 20 cores and 192GB RAM each.

Answer: B

Question No: 18

Which of the following statements correctly describes a difference between the S814 and S824?

  1. The S814 is a tower server and the S824 can be either a tower or rack mounted server

  2. The S814 has one socket and the S824 has up to two sockets

  3. The S814 can have one or two sockets and the S824 has four sockets.

  4. The S814 uses 1U of rack space and the S824 uses 2U of rack space.

Answer: B

Question No: 19

Which power option is provided with the S822?

A. (1)1400 Watt 200-240 Volt

B. (2) 1400 Watt 200-240 Volt

C. (2)1400 Watt 125-240 Volt

D. (1)1400 Watt 125-240 Volt

Answer: B

Question No: 20

What is a characteristic of virtualizing workloads?

  1. Processors are virtualized per core.

  2. Greater virtualization reduces the cost of workloads.

  3. Resources must be shared or dedicated.

  4. Greater virtualization increases the cost of computing

Answer: C

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