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Power Systems with POWER8 Scale-out Technical Sales Skills V1

Question No: 51

A customer wants to be able to automatically failover their Power System nodes that are running AIX in the event of a disaster. The customer will place the servers in two data centers that are in different geographies

Which IBM product will satisfy the customer#39;s requirement?

  1. Power HA System Mirror for AIX Enterprise Edition

  2. General Parallel File System (GPFS)

  3. Geographic Logical Volume Manager

  4. IBM Metro Mirror

Answer: B

Reference:http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg247844.pdf(See the Disaster recovery solution using GPFS replication).

Question No: 52

A customer currently is running a POWER7 6-core 720 with 3 IBM i cores for production, and utilizing Power HA to a POWER6 2-core server as their backup machine.

The production machine also has unlimited users, IBM i Access users, SOL, and ILE Compilers. They are only using the backup machine to do backups, but it is not a CBU; it has only one IBM i and one licensed Power HA core.

The customer wants the backup server to have the same capacity as the production server so it can be a true high availability server.

Which of the following is the correct course of action at the least cost?

  1. Upgrade the POWER6 to a POWER7.

    Add two additional IBM i and Power HA Licenses, IBM i and IBM i Access users SQL and ILE Compilers

  2. Upgrade both servers to P0WER8 and transfer all the software to the new POWERS servers.

  3. Purchase a new POWER8 to replace the POWER6 server and transfer the software from the POWER6 Designate the POWER8 as a CBU to the POWER7.

  4. Purchase two new POWER8 servers designating one of them as a CBU.

Transfer all the software from the POWER7 to one of the POWER8 servers and all the IBM i and Power HA software from the POWER6 to the other POWER8 server.

Answer: B

Question No: 53

The shared storage pool (SSP) was established in Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) Which of the following can provide the kind of high-value features ?

  1. client logical partition memory thin provisioning (Thin provisioning).

  2. Zero configuration operations to implement NPIV storage.

  3. throughout the cluster VIO server synchronization hard name.

  4. Logical partitions automatic failover between Power Systems servers.

Answer: D

Question No: 54

Customers have a server using IVM as a logical partition management . They want to implement PowerVC.

Which PowerVC versions to meet the requirements ?

  1. PowerVC Entry

  2. PowerVC Express

  3. PowerVC Standard

  4. PowerUC Enterprise

Answer: B

Question No: 55

Dynamic partition migration , the following is required ?

  1. PowerVM Enterprise Edition SAN disk system

    Virtual Ethernet

  2. dedicated processor PowerVM Enterprise Edition Virtual Ethernet

  3. dual VIO server PowerVM Enterprise Edition SAN attached disk

    Two virtual processors

  4. dedicated processor Dual VIO server

SAN disk system Virtual Ethernet

Answer: B

Question No: 56

A large manufacturer wants to consolidate their existing AIX and Linux environments to POWER8. The customer has four AIX servers and twelve Ubuntu servers.

Which solution will satisfy the requirements?

  1. (1) S822L with Power KVM

  2. (1) S822 with Power VM and (1) S822L with Power KVM

  3. (1) S822L with Power VM

  4. (1) S822 with Power VM and Power KVM

Answer: B

Question No: 57

A customer wants to consolidate AIX, Linux and IBM i workloads. They are also thinking about Analytic applications and a small-to-mid-size database.

Which of the following servers satisfies the customer#39;s requirements?

  1. S822L

  2. S822

  3. S812

  4. S824

Answer: C

Question No: 58

Which of the following RAS features, previously available only on POWER 7 midrange and enterprise systems is now available on POWER8 scale-out servers?

  1. Active Memory Mirroring, which maintains two identical copies of the Power Hypervisor in memory at all times.

  2. A redundant Service Processor with the ability to dynamically fail over from the primary service processor to a secondary for solid service processor fault.

  3. An on-chip controller on the processor module, which handles Power Management and Thermal Monitoring without a need for a separate controller.

  4. Active Memory Sharing, which can be exploited to increase memory utilization on the system by decreasing the system memory requirement.

Answer: C

Question No: 59

A customer is ordering a 4-core S814 with the following partitions: An IBM i partition capped at 1.0 processors

A second IBM i partition capped at 0.5 processors, running a Web Sphere application. An AIX partition capped at 0.5 processors.

A Linux partition capped at 0.5 processors.

How many Web Sphere licenses are required to support this configuration?

A. 4.0

B. 1.0

C. 3.0

D. 2.0

Answer: B

Question No: 60

Customers want to have a mix of the S824 SSD and HDD, using the extended functions ( 18 disks ) backplane (EJOP), and do not want to use the Easy Tier feature.

How to achieve ?

  1. Use RAID 5T2 configure all drives.

  2. on SSD and HDD ARRAY different configurations.

  3. The SSD installed in EJTM 8-Bay 1.8 SSD cage.

  4. Use backplane isolation, and put on the back side of the SSD , HDD on the other side .

Answer: B

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