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Power Systems with POWER8 Scale-out Technical Sales Skills V1

Question No: 71

A customer wants to install a POWER8 tower system at a remote site. The system will run Red Hat Linux.

Which system is the best option for the requirement?

  1. S812L

  2. S822L

  3. S824

  4. S814

Answer: B

Question No: 72

Which of the following are required in order to utilize Live Partition Mobility?

  1. Dedicated processors PowerVM Enterprise Edition Virtual Ethernet

  2. Dual VIO Servers PowerVM Enterprise Edition SAN attached disk two virtual processors

  3. PowerVM Enterprise Edition SAN attached disk Virtual Ethernet

  4. Dedicated processors Dual VIO Servers SAN attached disk Virtual Ethernet

Answer: A


Question No: 73

Which of the following is open source software that hosts the virtual machines on a KVM hypervisor?

  1. QEMU

  2. OPAL

  3. PHYP

  4. CAPI

Answer: B

Question No: 74

Customers expect their virtual environment network and storage I / O traffic will be very large . They are interested in the I / O load separation. They also hope to be in the case of the VIO server without downtime for maintenance.

Which option to meet the requirements ?

  1. (2) VIO servers , each handling a part of the flow

  2. (4) VIO servers , each handling a part of the flow

  3. (4) VIO server , wherein two processing network , handling two storage

  4. (2) VIO server , wherein a processing network , a processing memory

Answer: C

Question No: 75

Shared Storage Pools (SSPs) are built on Cluster Aware AIX (CAA). What high-value function does this provide?

  1. Automatic fall-over of LPARs between Power systems servers.

  2. Synchronization of hdisk names in VIO Server across the cluster.

  3. Thin provisioning of storage for client LPARs.

  4. Zero-configuration implementation of NPIV storage.

Answer: C


Question No: 76

A customer needs faster response time from their database server and is considering purchasing POWERS. They are familiar with Easy Tier, and have heard that they can use it locally on some servers.

Which feature(s) would enable this function?

  1. Enhanced backplane (EJOP)

  2. Standard backplane (EJON)

  3. Enhanced backplane (EJOP) with the Split backplane feature (EJOS)

  4. Standard backplane (EJON) with optional SSD cage (EJTM)

Answer: B

Question No: 77

Easy Tier feature on what support S822?

  1. (8) drives and a split backplane

  2. (12) drives and a split backplane

  3. (12) drive , do not split backplane

  4. (8) SAS drives and an auxiliary controller

Answer: D

Question No: 78

A customer will be purchasing a POWER8 Scale-out server, and will be launching a heavy database application.

Which operating system is unified with a database?

  1. AIX

  2. IBM i

  3. Windows

  4. Linux

Answer: D

Explanation: Optimize Linux Workload Consolidation and scale out of workloads at a lower cost of ownership .PowerKVM v2.1.1 Open Virtualization Choice for Linux-only Scale-out Servers



Question No: 79

What feature of IBM i prevents editing object code?

  1. Single level storage

  2. Integrated antivirus

  3. Authorization lists

  4. Object-Oriented Architecture

Answer: D



Question No: 80

A customer will be using an S822L and Power KVM. They want to know how they will attach a console to their machine over the network during installation.

Which console solution should they use?

  1. Virsh

  2. HMC

  3. IVM

  4. SOL

Answer: D

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