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Foundations of IBM DevOps V1

Question No: 1

As organizations mature their DevOps adoption, they must seek to embrace a culture which does what?

  1. hold stand-ups with the entire development organization

  2. encourages collaboration

  3. encourages segregation of duties

  4. keeps test resultsconfidential

Answer: B

Explanation: References:

Question No: 2

Which IBM Bluemix service rapidly translates and releases cloud and mobile applications to organization’s global locations?

  1. Delivery Pipeline

  2. Active Deploy

  3. Globalization Pipeline

  4. Globalization Delivery

Answer: C

Explanation: References:

Question No: 3

The microservices architectural style can be seen as an evolution of the SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) architectural style. With microservices, an application is broken into smaller, completely independent components. Therefore, the client will have greater agility, scalability, and availability.

Which additional capabilities are required to elevate from a SOA to a microservices


  1. Microservices required a well-defined monitoring capability to have end-to-end visibility of thecommunication between microservices with monolithic applications.

  2. Microservices require extensive multi-tenancy, usage, and billing capabilities.

  3. Microservices require a centralized database, code repository, and continuous integration.

  4. Microservices require a mature delivery capability, with continuous integration, deployment, and test.

Answer: D

Question No: 4

Which statement best describes IBM Runbook Automation?

  1. It is used to expose standard runbook templates for use by lines of business (LOBs) outside traditional IT staff. These runbook templates are easily customizable using Python, JSON,and XML.

  2. It is used to build and execute runbooks that can help IT staff to solve common operational problems. It can automate procedures that do not require human interaction, thereby increasing the efficiency of IT operations processes.

  3. It is usedto build and execute runbooks that can help marketing staff understand customer usage patterns. It can automate procedures to auto-respond to customer inquiries, thereby increasing the efficiency of support processes.

  4. It is used to discover existing ITprocesses and script usage. Once discovered, it can transform existing scripts into a standard automation language.

Answer: B

Explanation: References:

Question No: 5

What is a Docker file?

  1. a read only file system with parameters that is referenced at runtime

  2. a document containing required commands to build Docker images

  3. a document that only contains Docker attributes and definitions

  4. a self-contained running instance built from one or more Docker images

Answer: B Explanation:

Referencehttps://www.ibm.com/blogs/bluemix/2015/06/ibm-containers-a-bluemix-runtime- leveraging-docker-technology/

Question No: 6

What is a business benefit of continuous deployment?

  1. reduced time to market

  2. increased collaborationbetween business, IT and operations

  3. deployment automation

  4. reduced need for compliance

Answer: C Explanation:

A DevOps approach uses continuous deployment, the capability to move code into production in an efficient, automated way. Continuousdeployment implies a level of automation to facilitate the efficiency.

Referencehttps://www.ibm.com/developerworks/bpm/library/techarticles/1501_tarne/1501_t arne.html

Question No: 7

Why are open standards important when adopting DevOps?

  1. They allow companies to remove all commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software across the enterprise.

  2. They allow companies to develop all their applications for free.

  3. They support the goals of interoperability, reduced risk, and flexibility in IT service development.

  4. They support the goals of reduced security exposures, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides standards every vendor supports.

Answer: C

Explanation: References:

Question No: 8

A client is implementing a composite application suite comprising of front end cloud-native web and mobile applications accessing system of record applications on the mainframe.

Which IBM solution will help them create a layer of abstraction between the cloud native applications and the mainframe components?

  1. IBM UrbanCode Release

  2. IBM z/OS Connect

  3. IBM UrbanCode Deploy

  4. IBM DataLayer

Answer: B

Question No: 9

Which statement describes the benefits of implementing continuous delivery?

  1. Continuous delivery helps to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and enhanced usability.

  2. Continuous delivery improves faster time to market, increased usability of systems, and improved customer satisfaction.

  3. With continuous delivery abetter product can be delivered with higher quality at a lower cost.

  4. Implementing continuous delivery helps to seize new markets, establishes operational teams and reduce operational complexity.

Answer: D

Question No: 10

Which statement is an IT driver for adoption DevOps?

  1. To ensure all development activities are properly charged internally by ensuring cost- recovery association throughout the development lifecycle.

  2. To standardize all applications to a single development platform across an organization by porting legacy application to a cloud native environment.

  3. To accelerate and remove error from the delivery of changes by introducing automation throughout the development cycle.

  4. To ensure all cloud native applications include usage and metering capabilities for enhanced billing.

Answer: B

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