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IBM Watson V3 Application Development

Question No: 31

How can an IBM Watson Conversation agent be configured in a language other than English?

  1. The only language offered for Watson Conversation is English due to limitations in compatibility with other IBM Watson services that can be integrated in to a Watson Conversation agent.

  2. Use the available REST API to configure the language using the ISO country code.

  3. Upon creating a workspace for the Watson Conversation agent, select the language of the conversational agent in the Language drop-down.

  4. In the Conversation workspace, check the box next to the supported language within the panel in the Dialog tab.

Answer: B

Question No: 32

In the sentence below, which word or phrase is an example of a generic mention class?

??evere storms in this area usually occur in late winter, but Tropical Storm Helga was an anomaly.??/p>

  1. Helga

  2. late winter

  3. Tropical Storm Helga

  4. storms

Answer: D

Question No: 33

What is important when creating an IBM Watson Visual Recognition classifier?

  1. Ensure use of only PNG formatted images.

  2. Collect training images for the same classification that are very similar to each other.

  3. Provide an approximately equal number of both positive and negative examples of pictures to train with.

  4. Make sure training images are high resolution foe better accuracy.

Answer: C

Question No: 34

What combination of IBM Watson services would best implement the Agent Assist pattern?

  1. Speech to Text and Concept Insights

  2. Conversation and Discovery

  3. Natural Language Classifier

  4. Conversation and Relationship Extraction

Answer: A

Question No: 35

How can the IBM Watson Speech to Text service be controlled to continue transcribing until the input audio stream terminates?

  1. Set the value of the Continuous parameter to true in the input to recognize the API.

  2. This is not possible as the Speech to Text service stops transcription at the first pause.

  3. Set the value of the DoNotStop parameter to true in the input to recognize the API.

  4. Set the value of multipart parameter to true in the input to recognize the API.

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation

By default, the service stops transcription at the first end-of-speech (EOS) incident, which is denoted by a half-second of non-speech (typically silence) or when the stream terminates. Set the continuous parameter to true to instruct the service to transcribe the entire audio stream until the stream terminates. In this case, the results can include multiple transcript elements to indicate phrases separated by pauses. You can concatenate the transcript elements to assemble the complete transcription of the audio stream.

Question No: 36

Which group of methods is used by cognitive systems to understand human languages like English and French?

  1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  2. Natural Language Processing

  3. Cognitive Language Interpretation

  4. Human Text Processing

Answer: B

Question No: 37

What is the purpose of the maximum alternatives parameter in the IBM Watson Speech to Text service?

  1. Reports hypotheses for acoustically similar alternatives for words of the input audio.

  2. Represents the intermediate hypotheses of a transcription that are likely to change before the service returns the final result.

  3. Accepts a Boolean value that tells the service whether to provide confidence measures for the words of the transcription.

  4. Accepts an integer that tells the service to return the n-best alternative hypotheses.

Answer: D

Question No: 38

Which statement is a recommended practice when creating an IBM Watson cognitive virtual agent?

  1. When searching for articles related to an entity or keyword from the Watson Discovery News service, use the relevance parameter to improve the accuracy of the search.

  2. Increase the amount of the transcribed text to improve the quality and confidence of the extracted concepts.

  3. When using the Conversation service, dene different opening sentences in the dialog ow to prevent repetitive conversations where the dialog always asks the same questions.

  4. When constructing a query for the Watson Discovery News service, the developer should specify the return parameter to control what the query should return.

Answer: C

Question No: 39

What is the formula for recall in a classification system?

  1. True Positives/ (True Positives False Negatives)

  2. True Positives/ (True Positives False Positives)

  3. False Positives/ (True Negatives False Negatives)

  4. True Positives/ (True Positives True Negatives)

Answer: A

Question No: 40

Which characteristic makes an API RESTfuI?

  1. It only works with Javascript.

  2. It uses standard HTTP methods (e.g., GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE).

  3. It defines a number of custom media types for resources and is discoverable based on multiple known end-points.

  4. It uses non-standard HTTP methods.

Answer: C

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