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IBM Watson V3 Application Development

Question No: 41

In neural networks, which method enables a developer to obtain the output and compare it with the real value to get the error?

  1. Back Propagation

  2. Cognitive Propagation

  3. Forward Propagation

  4. Answer Propagation

Answer: A

Question No: 42

What Watson solution can answer common support questions typically handled by a live agent?

  1. Conversation

  2. Language Translator

  3. Tone analyzer

  4. Natural Language Classifier

Answer: D

Question No: 43

Which authorization must a developer acquire prior to creating an IBM Watson service instance?

  1. an IBM Watson Developer Cloud account

  2. an IBM Bluemix account

  3. an IBM Marketplace account

  4. an IBM PartnerWorld account

Answer: B

Question No: 44

For IBM Watson Conversation service, which of these strings of text would qualify as an entity?

  1. Do you have any houses?

  2. types of houses

  3. House of Representatives

  4. where can I get

Answer: A

Question No: 45

What is the purpose of the IBM Watson Visual Recognition REST API classify endpoint?

  1. It turns a collection of images into structured data that can easily be indexed and queried.

  2. It analyzes the uploaded images against classifiers.

  3. It enables users to upload a set of images as a zip file for insight extraction.

  4. It trains a new classifier on the uploaded image data.

Answer: A

Question No: 46

What best describes the process of how classification is done with the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier?

  1. Train the system to map utterances or questions to specific intents or classes.

  2. Train the system with as many documents as possible.

  3. Automatically detect the intent of the user based upon statistical analysis.

  4. Read in user’s questions or utterances and map them to classes.

Answer: C

Question No: 47

A developer is using machine learning techniques to train a cognitive system, which will identify

fraudulent insurance claims.

What would be best suited for training data?

  1. A set of known legitimate claims mixed in with random claim samples.

  2. A set of known fraudulent claims mixed in with random claim samples.

  3. A new set of unknown claims.

  4. Samples of known fraudulent and legitimate claims.

Answer: D

Question No: 48

Why would the data crawler be used with the IBM Watson Discovery service?

  1. The data crawler automates the upload of content to the Discovery service.

  2. Use the data crawler when structured data must be mined from other services.

  3. When working with the tooling, the data crawler can be used to upload sample documents.

  4. When there is a business need to dynamically crawl websites, Twitter and constantly changing content.

Answer: A Explanation:

Reference https://www.ibm.com/watson/developercloud/doc/discovery/data-crawler.html

Question No: 49

What is a method for measuring the accuracy of an unsupervised machine learning system?

  1. changing training set size and averaging results

  2. cross-validation tests

  3. density estimation

  4. using a confusion matrix

Answer: B Explanation:

Reference https://www.researchgate.net/post/Which_are_the_methods_to_validate_an_unsupervised


Question No: 50

In the context of machine learning, what is overfitting?

  1. Overfitting is the creation of a statistical model that describes noise instead of the underlying relationship.

  2. Overfitting is the creation of a model that is too general, so it performs well on just about every test that is run against it.

  3. Overfitting is the creation of an imprecise model which is the result of only using training data without using any validation data.

  4. Overfitting is an artificially accurate model and can occur when the test data is too similar to the training data.

Answer: D

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