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IBM Sterling Order Management V9.2, Solution Design

Question No: 1

An organization is configured as an enterprise and a seller, but it does not maintain inventory. The inventory is maintained externally. When a customer places an order for five units of item X, the system needs to determine whether five units of the item are available to fulfill the demand. How can a solution designer enable Sterling Order Management to fetch the availability picture maintained by the external system?

  1. Implement YFSGetExternalInventoryUE to fetch the inventory picture of the external system.

  2. Implement INVGetDemandCorrectionsUE to fetch the inventory picture of the external system.

  3. Enable the ATP rules to determine the availability of a product item for current and future demand.

  4. Invoke syncInventoryDemand API to synchronize the inventory picture between the external system and the Sterling Order Managementdatabase.

Answer: A

Question No: 2

A customer orders two lines, Item1 for $10 and Item2 for $90. The customer soon decides he wanted the updated model instead, and Return1 and Exchange1 were created for Item2 with a value of $110 as a regular exchange.

Item1 was a gift and the recipient of the gift returned it for an alternate item of $7 value. Return2 and Exchange2 were created for Item1 with a value of $7 as an advanced pre-paid exchange.

The items are received at the warehouse at the same time.

Assuming the payment processing APIs are run, which of the following choices provides the correct details for:

-> Transferred, Collected and Refunded amounts, and

-> what the amounts were before and after the returns are invoiced?

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Exhibit A

  2. Exhibit B

  3. Exhibit C

  4. Exhibit D

Answer: A

Question No: 3

A retailer#39;s delivery rules do not allow shipping for an open box television (TV) that is more than 150 miles away. However, they do support moving this TV through a network of stores that are spread throughout the country, until it reaches a store that supports delivery to the customer. The retailer needs to configure such a multi-hop transfer of inventory through the supply chain and provide an accurate promise date to a customer who is over 1000 miles away from the store with the open box TV. In order to do so, Sterling Order Management considers all the following configuration settings EXCEPT for:

  1. Receiving store calendar.

  2. Receipt Processing Time.

  3. Delivery resource pool capacity.

  4. Transfer relationship across stores.

Answer: C

Question No: 4

Which of the following configurations CANNOT be possible with the out of the box functions related to the authorization and settlement process?

  1. Control the number of times an authorization can be used.

  2. Specify the authorization that should be used for a specific settlement.

  3. Raise a notification for an unused authorization X hours prior to expiration.

  4. Determine whether an Authorization amount can exceed the Settlement amount.

Answer: B

Question No: 5

A business needs to charge the positive invoice instead of the negative invoice to be consolidated, but wishes to keep the overall positive versus negative invoices separately.

For the sales order, the invoices generated are:

-> $ 100

-> $ 50

-> $ -45

-> $ -50

Using the following two rules,

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

what configuration is needed in Financial Rules to get the invoice charges as $ 150, and $ – 95?

  1. Enable quot;Do Not Allow Debit And Credit Invoices To Settle Each Otherquot;Enable quot;Do Not Consolidate Settlement Or Refund Requests Across Invoicesquot;

  2. Disable quot;Do Not Allow Debit And Credit Invoices To Settle Each Otherquot;Disable quot;Do Not Consolidate Settlement Or Refund Requests Across Invoicesquot;

  3. Enable quot;Do Not Allow Debit And Credit Invoices To Settle Each Otherquot;Disable quot;Do Not Consolidate Settlement Or Refund Requests Across Invoicesquot;

  4. Disable quot;Do Not Allow Debit And Credit Invoices To Settle Each Otherquot;Enable quot;Do Not Consolidate Settlement Or Refund Requests Across Invoicesquot;

Answer: C

Question No: 6

A business has implemented Sterling Order Management and inventory is maintained within the system with a daily update from Sterling Warehouse Management System (WMS). In some cases, the inventory picture published by the warehouse is incorrect. For example: the evening update to Sterling Order Management indicated that the warehouse had 100 of item X, when in fact the warehouse only had 1. Once a warehouse sends notification that a particular item is on backorder or not available, the business does not want any more orders for that item to be sent to that warehouse (regardless of whether the Sterling inventory picture indicates inventory is available). How can this requirement be BEST met?

  1. Configure the quot;When line is backordered, backorder against the highest priority ship nodequot; rule.

  2. Configure the quot;Put inventory on hold for Sourcing on Backorder from Nodequot; rule for the seller#39;s inventory organization.

  3. Implement a call to changeOrder API to populate OrderLineSourcingControls element to indicate node inventory picture is incorrect.

  4. Implement the INVGetSupplyCorrectionsUE to override the inventory picture at the warehouse when WMS notifies Sterling Order Managementof a BackOrder from Node scenario.

Answer: B

Question No: 7

In the current IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment implementation, there are new tables defined by the implementation team that contain configuration data, and this data needs to be migrated across many environments. In order to migrate the data using the Configuration Deployment Tool (CDT), a solution designer should add the new table list in

which of the following files?

  1. $INSTALL_DIR/resources/ydkresources/ydkprefs.xml

  2. $INSTALL_DIR/properties/customer_overrides.properties

  3. $INSTALL_DIR/resources/ydkresources/cdt_custom.xml

  4. $INSTALL_DIR/resources/ydkresources/cdt_dbdefaults.properties

Answer: C

Question No: 8

A customer places an order for four units of an item, while only three units are available. The business has a requirement to only allow full quantity reservations (i.e. disallow partial reservations). Which of the following can MOST efficiently accomplish the requirement for full quantity only reservations?

  1. Customize the solution to fetch the inventory picture before the reserveOrder is invoked.

  2. Set AllocationRuleID on reservation input, where the rule ID has quot;Line Ship completequot; constraint enabled.

  3. Configure quot;Attempt to reserve the complete quantity of an order line.quot; on Sales Order -gt; Fulfillment -gt; Fulfillment Rules -gt; Reservations.

  4. No actions are required. By default, the out-of-the-box product allows only full quantity reservations.

Answer: B

Question No: 9

Which of the following Sterling Call Center business requirements CANNOT be implemented using the out of the box application?

  1. Monitor orders for FTC compliance.

  2. Schedule appointments for delivery items.

  3. Initiate returns and refunds to customers immediately, if required.

  4. Retrieve a WebSphere Commerce shopping cart from the Sterling Call Center.

Answer: D

Question No: 10

Which of the following is a concept related to provided services and delivery services?

  1. Resource pool

  2. Naming service

  3. Composite service

  4. Resource hierarchy

Answer: A

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