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Fundamentals of Applying IBM Security Systems Identity and Access Assurance

Question No: 31

You are designing a network topology for IBM Security Web Gateway Appliance. The customer is using the appliance.

Where do you place the appliance?

  1. Office LAN

  2. Demilitarized zone (DMZ)

  3. Dedicated security network

  4. General-purpose application network

Answer: C

Question No: 32

A customer is not allowing the usage of self-signed certificates in its production environment. The customer has its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and all certificates should be issued by this Certification Authority using their internal processes.

What needs to be done when going into production with the IBM Security products from the Identity and Access Assurance software bundle?

  1. Configure all security components to use the PKI from the customer. Required certificates will automatically be generated and trusted during installation.

  2. Use the IBM keytool to reconfigure all communication channels to use one single certificate issued by the Certification Authority of the Customer. Put the Certification Authority certificate in the truststore of the keytool.

  3. Identify all communication channels using SSL, and create Certificate Signing Requests

    for them. After receiving the certificates, configure all secure communication channels to use these certificates, and install the Certification Authority certificate in the truststore of all involved components.

  4. Identity all communication channels using SSL, and extract the involved self-signed certificates. Submit these to the Certification Authority of the customer to be cross-signed. Reconfigure the communication channels to use these new certificates and put the Certification Authority certificate in the truststore of all involved components.

Answer: B

Question No: 33

A health care facility requires its physicians and staff to complete certain courses offered through its learning management system, prior to getting accounts and access in its patient management application.

Which functional requirement aligns with this business requirement?

  1. Accounts in the patient management system must be manually provisioned by Service Desk.

  2. Physicians and staff must complete required training courses prior to being allowed to login to the network.

  3. The learning management system must also support provisioning functions, in order to meet this business requirement.

  4. During onboarding, physicians and staff must be granted login to the network and the learning management system in order to access the required courses.

Answer: D

Question No: 34

A retail customer wants employees to be able to access all IT-related resources by providing one single user ID and password combination on a distributed number of Microsoft Windows-based kiosks throughout the retail floor and in individual office environments.

Which product will help the customer accomplish this?

  1. IBM Security Identity Manager

  2. IBM Security Directory Server

  3. IBM Security Access Manager for Web

  4. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

Answer: D

Question No: 35

A corporate policy states that the service desk resets passwords after five failed logon attempts.

Which IBM Security Access Manager report provides the user identity qualifying for a password reset?

  1. Locked Account History

  2. User Password Change History

  3. Failed Authorization Event History

  4. Failed Authentication Event History

Answer: A

Question No: 36

An analyst is designing an optimized web architecture for an IBM Security Access Manager for Web based solution that provides context based authorization.

Which statement about authorization decisions is true in this situation?

  1. It must be performed as necessary.

  2. It must be performed on every request.

  3. It must be performed when users authenticate.

  4. It must be performed at scheduled time intervals.

Answer: C

Question No: 37

Which operating system must be selected when creating a virtual machine to install IBM Security QRadar Log Manager V7.1?

  1. AIX

  2. Windows server 2008 R2

  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit)

  4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 (64-bit)

Answer: C

Question No: 38

What is the log-in account type requirement for installing IBM Security Access Manager for Web on a UNIX system?

  1. root

  2. ivmgr

  3. pdadmin

  4. superadmin

Answer: A

Question No: 39

When designing an organization#39;s tree structure in IBM Security Identity Manager, why is it advisable to put users and services in different containers?

  1. It is easier to troubleshoot.

  2. It allows segregation of duties.

  3. It simplifies delegated administration.

  4. It improves the directory#39;s performance.

Answer: A

Question No: 40

The customer is considering implementing IBM Security Identity Manager.

What is the benefit of adding IBM Security Identity Manager to the customer#39;s existing environment?

  1. Reduced cost

  2. Single Sign-On

  3. Auditing of attempts to access the application

  4. Eliminates the need to manage the identities at the application level

Answer: B

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