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VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop

Question No: 61 – (Topic 1)

A View administrator is instructed to use a network share to store the user profile repository for a View Persona Management deployment.

What are the two recommended locations for this network share? (Choose two.)

  1. A shared folder on a local drive

  2. A shared folder on a network server

  3. A shared folder on an Active Directory server

  4. A shared folder on a network-attached storage (NAS) device

Answer: B,D

Question No: 62 – (Topic 1)

View Persona Management has been installed on the virtual machines in a View environment.

How often are changes in the local profile copied to the remote repository by default?

  1. Every 5 minutes

  2. Every 10 minutes

  3. During login and every 10 minutes after login

  4. An interval must be specified by the administrator

Answer: B

Question No: 63 – (Topic 1)

View Persona Management has been installed and enabled on your virtual machines. The administrator wants to manage the View user personas.

Which statement is true?

  1. The administrator can manage View user personas by logging into the remote


  2. The administrator can manage View user personas within the Folder view of the View Administrator.

  3. The administrator cannot manage View user personas by adding the ADM Template file to Active Directory.

  4. The administrator cannot manage View user personas by using the Windows roaming profiles functions.

Answer: D

Question No: 64 – (Topic 1)

A View administrator is configuring the events database.

Which two data repository configurations will allow users to monitor events in View Administrator? (Choose two.)

  1. Oracle with SQL authentication

  2. Microsoft SQL Server with Integrated Windows authentication

  3. Microsoft SQL Server with SQL authentication

  4. Oracle with Integrated Windows authentication

Answer: A,C Explanation:

SQL-Server Auth. is used, not Windows Auth.!

Question No: 65 – (Topic 1)

What is a prerequisite for configuring an events database?

  1. The events database certificate must be created

  2. An ODBC data source for the events database must exist

  3. A prefix for the tables in the events database has been defined

  4. The username and password of an administrator on View Administrator

Answer: C

Question No: 66 – (Topic 1)

Which two permissions are required by the Events Database user? (Choose two.)

  1. Create Tables

  2. Delete Views

  3. Modify Tables

  4. Read Views

Answer: A,D

Question No: 67 – (Topic 1)

What is the default port number used by the View Composer when setting up the vCenter Server connection?

A. 443

B. 8080

C. 8443

D. 18443

Answer: D

Question No: 68 – (Topic 1)

On which two objects can a View administrator apply a Tag? (Choose two.)

  1. Connection Servers

  2. Desktop Pools

  3. Persistent Desktop

  4. Security Servers

Answer: B,C

Question No: 69 – (Topic 1)

What is the default port used when an administrator configures the external URL for the

PCoIP Secure Gateway?

A. 443

B. 3389

C. 4172

D. 8080

Answer: C

Question No: 70 – (Topic 1)

Which three settings are configured under Global Settings on the View Connection Server administration page? (Choose three.)

  1. USB access

  2. Session Timeout

  3. Pre-login message

  4. PCoIP hardware acceleration

  5. Re-authenticate secure tunnel connections after network interruption

Answer: B,C,E

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