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VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5

Question No: 21 – (Topic 1)

An administrator has recently upgraded their Update Manager infrastructure to vSphere

5.x. Several hosts and virtual machines have not been upgraded yet.

Which vSphere component when upgraded will have the least impact to the existing environment?

  1. Virtual Machine Hardware

  2. ESX Hosts

  3. VMFS datastores

  4. VMware Tools

Answer: D

Question No: 22 – (Topic 1)

An administrator is using Update Manager 5.x to update virtual appliances in a vSphere environment. The environment is using the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA).

What would cause the remediation to fail?

  1. Updating of the appliance can only be done if the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) has been put into Maintenance Mode.

  2. Remediation must be configured on the Appliance Administration page before use.

  3. Remediation of the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) with Update Manager is not supported.

  4. Remediation requires the hosts to be connected to vCenter using an IPv4 address.

Answer: D

Question No: 23 – (Topic 1)

An administrator is working to update the hosts and virtual machines in a vSphere 5.x deployment using Update Manager Baselines.

Other than host patches, which three items require a separate procedure or process to update? (Choose three.)

  1. Operating system patches

  2. Virtual Appliance updates

  3. Virtual Machine Virtual Hardware upgrades

  4. VMware Tools on machines without VMware Tools already installed

  5. Application patches within the virtual machine

Answer: A,D,E

Question No: 24 – (Topic 1)

An administrator selects the Profile Compliance tab of a vSphere cluster, then selects Check Compliance Now. Which features requirements are not checked by this?

  1. vMotion

  2. Fault Tolerance

  3. DRS

  4. Host Profiles

Answer: D

Question No: 25 – (Topic 1)

An administrator is troubleshooting an ESXi 5.x host and needs to export diagnostic information. The host is currently managed by a vCenter Server instance.

Which two ways can the information be gathered using the vSphere Client? (Choose two.)

  1. Select Home. Under Administration, click System Logs and click the Export System Logs button. Select the affected ESXi host. Select Select All. Select a location and click Finish.

  2. In the vSphere Client, select the affected ESXi host. Right-click the host and select Export Diagnostic Data. Select a location and click OK.

  3. Log in to the ESXi host locally, Select Export System Logs.

  4. In the vSphere Client, select the affected ESXi host. Select File, Export and Export System Logs. Select Select All. Select a location and click Finish.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 26 – (Topic 1)

An ESXi 5.x host displays a warning icon in the vSphere console and its summary page lists a configuration issue quot;SSH for the host has been enabled.quot; What are two ways to clear this warning? (Choose two.)

  1. Using the Security Profile pane of the Configuration tab in the vSphere Client

  2. Using the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

  3. Using the Advanced Settings pane of the Configuration tab in the vSphere Client

  4. Using the Networking pane of the Configuration tab in the vSphere Client

Answer: A,B

Question No: 27 – (Topic 1)

vCenter reports a connectivity problem with a ESXi 5.x host that is not a member of a cluster. An administrator attempts to connect directly to the host using the vSphere Client but fails with the message quot;An unknown connection error occurred.quot; Virtual machines running on the host appear to be running and report no problem.

What two methods would likely resolve the issue without affecting the virtual machines? (Choose two.)

  1. Enter the service mgmt-vmware restart command from either SSH or local CLI

  2. Select Restart Management Agents in the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

  3. Select Reboot Host in the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

  4. Enter the services.sh restart command from either SSH or the local CLI

Answer: B,D

Question No: 28 – (Topic 1)

Click the Exhibit button.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

ACME Catering Services is using esxtop to troubleshoot a performance problem with one of their ESXi 5.x hosts. Host disconnections from vCenter Server as well as sluggish performance when performing tasks on the host have been observed. Based on the output in the exhibit, how many vCPU#39;s have been assigned to FileServer01?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 4

  4. 8

Answer: D

Question No: 29 – (Topic 1)

An administrator notices that log files kept on an ESXi 5.x host are being rotated very quickly, inhibiting the troubleshooting of an issue. Which two configuration changes will resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

  1. Configure syslog to send the logs a syslog server

  2. Increase the number of logs kept

  3. Increase the logging level

  4. Increase the size of the partition where log files are stored

Answer: A,B

Question No: 30 – (Topic 1)

A series of Auto Deploy ESXi 5.x hosts which utilize vSphere Standard Switches are unable to boot. In prior testing, all of the hosts were able to boot successfully.

Which two conditions might cause this issue? (Choose two.)

  1. The Hosts are unable to connect to the SAN.

  2. The TFTP server is down.

  3. The DNS server is down.

  4. The DHCP server is down.

Answer: B,D

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