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VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5

Question No: 81 – (Topic 1)

What tool can an administrator use to determine if an existing environment is ready for Fault Tolerance?

  1. Fault Tolerance Map

  2. VMware SiteSurvey Tool

  3. VMware Cluster Analyzer

  4. VMware Capacity Planner

Answer: B

Question No: 82 – (Topic 1)

What two methods can be used to reduce the vMotion migration time of a virtual machine? (Choose two.)

  1. Enable High priority on the virtual machine before starting the Migrate wizard.

  2. Select High priority during the Migrate wizard.

  3. Lower the memory reservation for the virtual machine.

  4. Ensure the cluster has the default Swapfile policy set.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 83 – (Topic 1)

Which types of devices can be connected to a virtual machine during a vMotion migration? (Choose two.)

  1. SCSI pass-through devices connected to the ESXi 5 host.

  2. NFS mounts inside of the guest.

  3. USB pass-through devices connected to the ESXi 5 host.

  4. ISO images connected using the vSphere 5 client.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 84 – (Topic 1)

An administrator notices that the database virtual machines fail to backup within the backup window. Each database virtual machine has 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM and 12 virtual disks.

There are 16 database virtual machines to backup using 8 backup jobs.

Which is the simplest way to improve the backup performance for these virtual machines?

  1. Add a backup job for each virtual machine.

  2. Set a 16GB reservation for each virtual machine.

  3. Add 1MB VMDK drives at 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 on the VDR appliance.

  4. Upgrade the array to 8GB FCP and ensure multipathing is configured properly.

Answer: C

Question No: 85 – (Topic 1)

What are three of the steps recalled patches automatically go through in vSphere Update Manager? (Choose three.)

  1. Hosts with recalled patches are placed maintenance mode.

  2. Hosts with recalled patches are remediated.

  3. The recalled patch binary is deleted from the repository.

  4. The recalled patch is flagged in the database.

  5. A notification is generated in the notification tab.

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 86 – (Topic 1)

Which configuration requires an additional database server when adding vSphere Update

Manager 5.x to an environment?

  1. vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) with an external Oracle database

  2. vCenter Application with the default database

  3. vCenter Application with an external SQL 2008 Enterprise database

  4. vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) with an external DB2 database

Answer: D

Question No: 87 – (Topic 1)

Select three of the steps for configuring iSCSI Software Initiator multipathing when load balancing with a single vSphere standard switch. (Choose three.)

  1. Change the Path Selection Policy to Round Robin (VMware)

  2. Enable Override switch failover order

  3. Enable Route based on IP Hash

  4. Enable iSCSI port binding on the VMkernel object or objects

  5. Add VMkernel adapters to the iSCSI Network Configuration

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 88 – (Topic 1)

An administrator wants to adjust disk resource allocation to ensure proper storage performance.

Which two mechanisms are available? (Choose two.)


  2. Guarantee IOPs

  3. Limit IOPs

  4. Reservation

Answer: A,C

Question No: 89 – (Topic 1)

Assuming that ballooning is possible, under which three circumstances might the VMkernel use a swap file for a running virtual machine? (Choose three.)

  1. The Mem.CtlMaxPercent value is between 10 and 25 percent.

  2. Memory cannot be reclaimed quickly enough.

  3. The virtual machine is starting up.

  4. VMware Tools is not installed.

  5. 50% of the configured memory has already been ballooned.

Answer: A,B,E

Explanation: C: Wrong: When the machine is starting up the Ballooning driver hasn’t loaded yet.D: Wrong: When VMware tools is not installed Ballooning isn’t possible

Question No: 90 – (Topic 1)

Which functions can be performed with the Plug-in Manager? (Choose two.)

  1. Enable an installed plug-in

  2. Remove permissions for a plug-in

  3. View the status of installed plug-ins

  4. Uninstall a plug-in

Answer: A,C

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