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VMware Certified Professional on vCloud

Question No: 31

An administrator needs to configure an Edge Gateway routed network for three organizations. The organizational VDCs are configured to use vSphere port group backed network pools backed by a vSphere Distributed Switch.

How many port groups are automatically created upon completion of the Organization Network creation wizard?

  1. 1

  2. 3

  3. 0

  4. 6

Answer: C

Question No: 32

An organization administrator is attempting to restart a vApp that was shut down because its runtime lease expired.

How should the administrator proceed?

  1. Renew the lease for the vApp.

  2. Move the vApp from the expired item pool.

  3. Renew the lease for the Organization.

  4. Redeploy the vApp from the template.

Answer: A

Question No: 33

An administrator learns that vApps within an organization are unable to access the Internet even though they are able to ping vApps from other organizations using the same external network. Both organizations are configured with a direct connected external network.

How should the administrator respond to this situation?

  1. Troubleshoot the physical network.

  2. Troubleshoot the vApp network.

  3. Add additional networks to the corresponding network pool.

  4. Add additional uplinks to the DVS providing the external network.

Answer: A

Question No: 34

A vCloud administrator needs to create an Organization for a tenant. This tenant should not have permission to share catalogs with other Organizations.

Which setting should the administrator select when creating this Organization?

  1. Catalog Publishing, cannot publish catalogs

  2. Catalog Publishing, isolate catalogs

  3. Catalog Publishing, cannot share catalogs

  4. Catalog Publishing, cannot distribute catalogs

Answer: A

Question No: 35

An external direct connected Org vDC Network is configured, but no traffic is being passed to the external network.

What would cause this to occur?

  1. A vSphere administrator accidentally deleted a vShield Edge appliance.

  2. The port group backing the external network was configured with a duplicate VLAN.

  3. The port group backing the external network was configured with no active uplinks.

  4. The network pool backing the external network has been exhausted.

Answer: C

Question No: 36

A vSphere administrator accidentally deletes a vShield Edge appliance. Which option would allow a vCloud administrator to correct the issue?

  1. Use vShield Manager to redeploy the appliance.

  2. Use the Reset Network option on the affected network.

  3. Delete and recreate the associated port group.

  4. Delete and recreate the associated network pool.

Answer: B

Question No: 37

An administrator needs to create an external Organization Network that resides on a particular VLAN.

How should the administrator proceed?

  1. Create a VLAN-backed network pool.

  2. Create a network isolation-backed network pool.

  3. Create a port group on a vSphere Distributed Switch configured with the required VLAN.

  4. Create a vSphere Standard Switch with uplinks on the appropriate VLAN.

Answer: C

Question No: 38

An administrator needs to configure vApps so that they will be deleted when the vApp is stopped.

Which storage cleanup option should be selected in this situation?

  1. Strict Clean Up

  2. Move to Expired Items

  3. Delete Immediately

  4. Permanently Deleted

Answer: C

Question No: 39

An administrator needs to create an Organization vDC with a specific CPU speed for all virtual machines within an organization.

Which Organization vDC pool will allow this?

  1. Allocation Pool

  2. Reservation Pool

  3. User adjustable Pool

  4. Pay-As-You-Go Pool

Answer: D

Question No: 40

A user has been assigned a single external IP address that connects to the Internet. The user has a vApp containing 4 VMs deployed in the Organization VDC.

Which technology will allow a user’s VMs to accept incoming traffic from the Internet?

  1. Firewall Rules

  2. Port Forwarding

  3. IP Translation

  4. 1:1 NAT

Answer: B

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