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VMware Certified Professional on vCloud

Question No: 81

A user is troubleshooting networking connectivity and needs to enable logging. How should the user accomplish this?

  1. Enable logging in the Firewall Rule Editor.

  2. Enable VMs to send log information to Syslog.

  3. Enable logging in the Org Admin Syslog Setting.

  4. Enable logging in the System Syslog Setting.

Answer: A

Question No: 82

A user needs to set up a VPN tunnel.

What is the minimum role that would allow a user to perform this operation?

  1. vApp Author

  2. vApp User

  3. System Administrator

  4. Organization Administrator

Answer: D

Question No: 83

A user has a vApp that requires controlled access to specific services.

What needs to be deployed in the user’s environment in order to fulfill this requirement?

  1. vShield Manager

  2. vShield Endpoint

  3. vShield App

  4. vShield Edge

Answer: D

Question No: 84

Where does an administrator configure the syslog server address in the vCloud Director interface?

  1. Manage and Monitor Logs

  2. Organizational Administration settings

  3. Provider vDC properties

  4. Cloud Administration settings

Answer: D

Question No: 85

A user in a vCloud needs to build a new virtual machine configuration from installation media rather than an existing template.

What must the user have access to in order to accomplish this?

  1. Installation media in the form of an OVF readily available.

  2. A CD or DVD of the installation media readily available.

  3. Installation media published to an accessible Organization Catalog.

  4. A blank template with the installation media already attached.

Answer: C

Question No: 86

Maintenance is planned on a vCenter Server that is under vCloud Director control during an upcoming outage window. There are no other components with allowed downtime.

Which course of action is required to allow the remainder of the vCD environment to operate without interruption?

  1. Disable the vCenter Server which has planned maintenance from the System Settings tab.

  2. Put the management cluster in Maintenance Mode on vCenter Server.

  3. Disable the vCenter Server which has planned maintenance from the Manage amp; Monitor tab.

  4. Place the vCenter Server in Maintenance Mode on the Manage and Monitor tab.

Answer: C

Question No: 87

Attempting to remove a vCenter Server from vCloud Director fails. Which configuration would cause this to occur?

  1. The Hosts that back the Provider vDCs are still enabled.

  2. There are still Provider VDCs using vCenter Server.

  3. The vCenter Server is associated with a vCloud Cell.

  4. The vCenter Server is still enabled for provisioning.

Answer: B

Question No: 88

Using a vSphere 5.x vCenter Server with vCloud Director provides which added benefit?

  1. vCloud Director gains visibility of remote vCD cells.

  2. vShield Manager provides additional functionality.

  3. vCloud Director managed VMs are protected from accidental modification.

  4. vCloud Director and vCenter Server communication is encrypted.

Answer: C

Question No: 89

When an explicit failover order has been configured on a virtual switch with multiple uplinks, what determines which uplink is used when a failover event occurs?

  1. The first available uplink that reports a positive link state

  2. The reported uptime for the surviving uplinks

  3. The next available uplink on the list

  4. The uplink with the shortest route

Answer: C

Question No: 90

When would an administrator configure the explicit failover option for a portgroup created on a virtual switch with multiple uplinks?

  1. It is required when configuring the Route based on physical NIC load option

  2. To share uplinks between vSwitches

  3. When configuring iSCSI Software Initiator multipathing

  4. If the physical switch does not support etherchannel or 802.3ad

Answer: C

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