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VMware Certified Professional – Desktop

Question No: 201 – (Topic 3)

An administrator is configuring a stretched HA configuration and has HA errors on all of the hosts at the remote site.

What can be done to ensure virtual machines at one site can be restarted at the remote site?

  1. Ensure any firewalls between the hosts are allowing port 8182

  2. Create separate HA clusters at each site and enable Stretch Cluster on each

  3. Ensure the latency between the sites is less than 5 milliseconds

  4. Ensure each site has no more than 4 primary hosts

Answer: A

Question No: 202 – (Topic 3)

What happens to the total number of shares available to the children of a resource pool if a virtual machine is powered off inside the resource pool?

  1. Remains the same

  2. Decreases

  3. Increases

  4. Remains the same if a custom share value was configured. Increases if a high, medium, or low value was configured

Answer: B

Question No: 203 – (Topic 3)

What do changes made to resources reserved by a resource pool affect in the resource hierarchy?

  1. Child pools

  2. Host pools

  3. Sibling and parent pools

  4. Root resource pools

Answer: C

Question No: 204 – (Topic 3)

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

Click the Exhibit button.

Several virtual machines residing in the Production pool are exhibiting poor performance, and a critical virtual machine in the pool appears hung. What step can be taken to increase the performance of the critical virtual machine?

  1. Increase the CPU limit on the critical virtual machine.

  2. Increase the CPU shares on the critical virtual machine.

  3. Increase the CPU reservations on the resource pool.

  4. Increase the CPU limit on the resource pool.

Answer: D

Question No: 205 – (Topic 3)

An administrator is enabling Enhanced vMotion Compatibility in a DRS cluster. The administrator wants only hosts with the newest Intel processors added to the cluster.

Which setting satisfies this requirement?

  1. The baseline with the most CPUs listed

  2. The baseline with the fewest CPUs listed

  3. Any baseline that lists quot;Future Intel processorsquot;

  4. Create a new baseline and add only the latest processor family

Answer: D

Question No: 206 – (Topic 3)

Users are experiencing performance issues when updating their database hosted on a virtual machine. The administrator determines that disk I/O is high across one of the HBAs on the ESXi host containing the virtual machine.

Which action will most likely correct the issue without significantly impacting other users or datastores?

  1. Manually configure the disk multipathing policy to Round Robin for the datastore

  2. Migrate the virtual machine to an NFS datastore using Storage vMotion

  3. Use Storage vMotion to migrate the virtual machine to a new VMFS5 datastore

  4. Map additional LUNs to the ESXi host and extend the datastores

Answer: A

Question No: 207 – (Topic 3)

How can virtual machines be moved between datacenters?

  1. High-Availability failover

  2. Cold migration

  3. vMotion migration

  4. Storage vMotion migration

Answer: B

Question No: 208 – (Topic 3)

What function does Enhanced vMotion Compatibility provide?

  1. The ability to enable Fault Tolerance on virtual machines that are not members of a cluster.

  2. The ability to use vMotion to migrate virtual machines between ESXi hosts with different

    CPU vendors.

  3. The ability to replace manual CPU identification masks with an automated process managed by the cluster.

  4. The ability to use vMotion to migrate virtual machines between hosts with identical CPUs but different vSphere versions.

Answer: C

Question No: 209 – (Topic 3)

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

Click the Exhibit button.

Which change will eliminate the symptom in the performance chart shown in the exhibit?

  1. Set CPU shares to High

  2. Set CPU affinity for the virtual machine

  3. Migrate the VM to a host that is less utilized

  4. Add a CPU to the virtual machine

Answer: C

Question No: 210 – (Topic 3)

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

Click the Exhibit button.

ACME Catering Services is using esxtop to troubleshoot a performance problem with one of their ESXi hosts. Host disconnections from vCenter Server as well as sluggish performance when performing tasks on the host have been observed.

Based on the output in the exhibit, how many vCPU#39;s have been assigned to FileServer01?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 4

  4. 8

Answer: D

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