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Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills

Question No: 91

Which of the following defines the relationship between critical success factors and KPIs?

  1. Critical success factors define what must happen in order for success to be achieved, whereas KPIs are measurements that help determine the level of performance actually attained.

  2. Critical success factors define how things should be measured, whereas KPIs determine when to take each measurement.

  3. Critical success factors define when to take each measurement, whereas KPIs determine how things should be measured.

  4. Critical success factors and KPIs are essentially the same thing.

Answer: A

Question No: 92

You are conducting a project jointly with the customer IT manager for a Customer Division Executive. Which statement is true about presenting recommendations to an Executive?

  1. Present only the ideas which require the IT manager to seek new budgets / funding

  2. Present ideas which are aligned to the customer#39;s strategy and are realistic to implement

  3. For all recommendations, include a request of funding to conduct a deeper analysis of benefits

  4. Recommendations involving process changes should be presented by the IT manager or another internal employee

Answer: B

Question No: 93

Which option is an operational outcome?

  1. availability of end-user support

  2. better quality management decision-making

  3. standardized tools and processes

  4. increased quality of service for managers

Answer: C

Question No: 94

Which option describes the components that are known as the quot;4 PS,quot; which help sates teams understand what the customer needs?

  1. people, process, path, and proof

  2. problem, people, path, and proof

  3. problem, pattern, path, and proof

  4. problem, people, path, and pattern

Answer: D

Question No: 95

Which tool or document can help you identify areas of gaps in knowledge about your customer#39;s overall strategy and operating model?

  1. Business Model Canvas

  2. An account coverage plan for your team#39;s territory

  3. A win/loss review from a proposal delivered to the customer 12 months ago

  4. Customer#39;s communications plan for the rollout of a new application

Answer: A

Question No: 96

Which tool can be used to help monitor progress against stated targets?

  1. Fishbone analysis

  2. KPI heat map

  3. Outcome process matrix

  4. Power/Influence matrix

Answer: C

Question No: 97

Which Business Model Canvas building block should be considered when determining relevant markets?

  1. value propositions

  2. primary activities

  3. customer segments

  4. customer relationships

Answer: C

Question No: 98

Which two options describe why is it important to develop a trust relationship with stakeholders? (Choose two).

  1. In order for them to share relevant information with you

  2. In order to make the sales process easier

  3. In order to make them like you

  4. In order for them to listen to your proposals

  5. In order to maximize the revenue you can get from the relationship

Answer: A,D

Question No: 99

Which three options are categories for risk? (Choose three.)

  1. Strategic

  2. Conditional

  3. Regulatory

  4. Physical

  5. Financial

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 100

Which option describes the relationship between critical success factors and key performance indicators?

  1. Critical success factors determine success criteria and have no relationship to key performance indicators.

  2. Critical success factors determine success criteria and key performance indicators provide a target for performance.

  3. Critical success factors provide a target for performance and key performance indicators are the supporting metrics.

  4. Critical success factors are measurements taken during project implementation and key performance indicators provide a target for performance.

Answer: B

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