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CompTIA A Certification Exam

Question No: 51 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following ports is used for a secure browser connection for an online purchase?

  1. 23

  2. 80 C. 110 D. 443 E. 3389

Answer: D

Question No: 52 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is a public IP address?

A. 10.45.xxx.xxx

B. 169.254.xxx.xxx

C. 173.16.xxx.xxx

D. 192.168.xxx.xxx

Answer: C

Question No: 53 – (Topic 2)

A machine receives an IP address starting with 169.254.x.x when which of the following occurs?

  1. When the machine is using IPv6

  2. When the next IP range begins with 169.253

  3. When the DHCP server does not respond

  4. When the operating system is Unix or Linux

Answer: C

Question No: 54 – (Topic 2)

A technician is tasked with finding and labeling where a network connection terminates in a patch panel. Which of the following tools would be BEST for the technician to use?

  1. Ethernet cable tester

  2. Tone generator and probe

  3. RJ-45 loopback plug

  4. Patch panel punchdown tool

Answer: B

Topic 3, Mobile Devices

Question No: 55 – (Topic 3)

A customer asks a technician for a device that has the capability to easily connect a laptop to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and charge the battery. Which of the following devices should the technician recommend to the customer?

  1. Lightning

  2. KVM switch

  3. USB 3.0

  4. Docking station

Answer: D

Question No: 56 – (Topic 3)

A user wants to quickly share pictures between mobile devices. The devices will be in close proximity so the necessity of a third party service and/or another networking device is not required. Which of the following is the BEST option for this scenario?

  1. NFC

  2. USB

  3. IR

  4. WiFi

Answer: A

Question No: 57 – (Topic 3)

Android smartphones are typically different from other smartphone devices in that:

  1. Android devices use apps that are more secure than other devices.

  2. Android devices use open source operating systems.

  3. Android devices can only operate with a proprietary operating system.

  4. Android devices can receive apps from different sources.

Answer: B

Question No: 58 – (Topic 3)

A customer wants the thinnest laptop possible. Which of the following display technologies typically allows for thinner devices?

  1. IPS

  2. OLED

  3. LCD

  4. DisplayPort

Answer: B

Question No: 59 – (Topic 3)

A user is requesting a cable to charge and transfer data for an Apple mobile device. Which of the following connection types would satisfy the user#39;s requirements?

  1. MicroUSB

  2. Molex

  3. MiniUSB

  4. Lightning

Answer: D

Question No: 60 – (Topic 3)

A customer brings a laptop in for repair, because the screen image is upside down. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

  1. Change the screen orientation

  2. Replace the video card

  3. Connect an external monitor

  4. Update the video card drivers

Answer: A

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