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CompTIA A Certification Exam (902)

Question No: 51

A technician would like to ensure all previous data is erased before reloading Windows 7 Home Premium onto a laptop. Which of the following procedures would accomplish this?

  1. Virtual RAID configuration

  2. Quick format

  3. New partition

  4. Full format

Answer: D

Question No: 52

A technician responds to a hardware issue with a server. The technician discovers that one of the hard drives in the server has failed. The server is set up in a RAID 1 configuration.

Which of the following steps would the technician perform NEXT?

  1. Remove the hard drive and back up the data

  2. Run CONVERT on the hard drive

  3. Reboot the server

  4. Swap hard drive and rebuild array

Answer: D

Question No: 53

A company has subscribed to a cloud service, paying monthly for a block of services and being billed incrementally when they exceed the monthly fee. Which of the following cloud concepts does this represent?

  1. Measured service

  2. Rapid elasticity

  3. On-demand

  4. Resource pooling

Answer: A

Question No: 54

Which of the following prevention methods is considered to be digital security?

  1. RFID badge

  2. Mantrap

  3. Biometrics

  4. Firewalls

  5. ID badge

Answer: D

Question No: 55

A user leaves the workstation frequently and does not want sensitive material to be accessed. In addition, the user does not want to turn off the computer every time in the evening. Which of the following is the BEST solution for securing the workstation?

  1. Set a strong password that requires a renewal every 30 days.

  2. Run a screensaver after one minute of nonuse and fingerprint lock for afterhours.

  3. Apply a screen lock after five minutes of nonuse and login time restrictions for afterhours.

  4. Require a password and fingerprint lock afterhours.

Answer: C

Question No: 56

A technician is tasked with enabling TLS version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 on a client Internet Explorer browser. Which of the following Internet Options Tabs should the technician look to enable the aforementioned TLS settings?

  1. Advanced

  2. Security

  3. Privacy

  4. Connections

Answer: A

Question No: 57

A technician is called into the office during a thunderstorm. Users are reporting that machines are intermittently powering off. Which of the following will BEST prevent user data loss?

  1. Auto save

  2. A surge protector

  3. An ESD mat

  4. A UPS

Answer: D

Question No: 58

Joe, an end-user, reports that the Windows PC he is using automatically locks when he leaves his desk and walks to a printer to retrieve documents. Joe is then required to type in his username and password to unlock the computer. The technician looks at the settings on the PC and notices that the screensaver and screen-lock options are grayed out on the computer and cannot be changed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  1. Domain-level group policies

  2. Antivirus domain-level policies

  3. Corrupted registry settings

  4. Incorrect local-level user policies

Answer: A

Question No: 59

A technician is navigating through a Windows OS via command prompt. The technician needs to display the content of a folder. Which of the following is the BEST option for accomplishing this task?

  1. dir

  2. ls

  3. rd

  4. cmd

Answer: A

Question No: 60

A support technician is using virtualization software on a Windows 7 Enterprise PC to test Windows 8.1 Enterprise for a future deployment. When operating the Windows 8.1 VM, performing tasks in the host operating system becomes considerably slower. Which of the following options may improve performance in the host operating system? (Select TWO).

  1. Install more physical memory.

  2. Increase the size of the virtual hard drive.

  3. Install a different hypervisor.

  4. Reduce physical memory allocated to the VM.

  5. Clear temporary files in the VM.

  6. Install additional physical hard drives.

Answer: A,D

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