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VMware Certified Professional – Cloud(vCloud Automation Center

Question No: 81

An administrator needs a single-tenant private cloud that can be connected to an existing on-site vCloud Director infrastructure.

Which vCloud Hybrid Service offering should the administrator choose?

  1. Dedicated Cloud

  2. Virtual Private Cloud

  3. Platform-as-a-Service

  4. Data Protection Service

Answer: A

Question No: 82

An administrator needs to build a private vCloud infrastructure.

The infrastructure must leverage the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service and allow workload migration to and from the vendor#39;s private vCloud infrastructure.

What is the least expensive vCloud Suite edition to meet the administrator#39;s needs?

  1. vCloud Suite Essentials

  2. vCloud Suite Standard

  3. vCloud Suite Advanced

  4. vCloud Suite Enterprise

Answer: B

Question No: 83

An administrator for a development organization needs to make its vApps available to selected organizations in its cloud. Which administrator role can configure this?

  1. Catalog Administrator

  2. System Administrator

  3. Catalog Author

  4. Catalog Publisher

Answer: B

Question No: 84

An administrator for an organization in the QA Cloud needs to obtain content from a catalog called TestvApps in the Development Cloud.What two steps should be performed to ensure that the latest version of the Development Cloud#39;s vApps are available to the QA Cloud? (Choose two.)

  1. Enable External Publishing on the TestvApps catalog.

  2. Enable Sharing on the TestvApps catalog.

  3. Add the QA Cloud users as members on the TestvApps catalog.

  4. Provide the TestvApps catalog subscription URL to the QA Cloud administrator.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 85

What would cause a host Prepare to fail in vCloud Director?

  1. A virtual machine is running on the host.

  2. The administrator has not installed the vCloud agent on the host.

  3. The host has a self-signed SSL certificate.

  4. A resource pool utilizing the host has not been added to a pVDC.

Answer: A

Question No: 86

Which mechanism should be used in vCloud Automation Center to associate host names with a particular department?

  1. Machine Prefix

  2. Reservation Policy

  3. Key Pair

  4. Approval Group

Answer: A

Question No: 87

A vCloud environment has the following characteristics:

A virtual machine that is part of a vApp template requires a minimum of 5 GB of thin- provisioned disk space.

What is the maximum configured disk size that can be deployed as part of a new vApp using this template?

  1. 10 GB

  2. 30 GB

  3. 50 GB

  4. 70 GB

Answer: A

Question No: 88

An environment has Org VDCs with the following parameters:

An administrator needs an Org VDC that meets the following requirements:

->Resources are committed only when vApps are created.

->The network must span over large distances.

Which Org VDC will meet the administrator#39;s needs?

  1. East

  2. West

  3. North

  4. South

Answer: A

Question No: 89

An administrator needs to add a new CA-signed SSL certificate to a vCloud Director cell. Which two tools could the administrator use? (Choose two.)

  1. configure script

  2. installation script

  3. cell-management-tool

  4. vCloud Director console

Answer: A,C

Question No: 90

An administrator#39;s company is not licensed for the vSphere Distributed Switch. The administrator needs to create a new Network Pool.

Which Network Pool type should the administrator create?

  1. vSphere Port Group-Backed Network Pool

  2. VXLAN Network Pool

  3. VLAN-Backed Network Pool

  4. VCD Network Isolation-Backed Network Pool

Answer: A

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