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VMware Certified Professional – Cloud(vCloud Automation Center

Question No: 91

An administrator needs to delete a Network Pool. When the administrator selects Finish, the following error message displays:

Cannot delete Network Pool:VLAN_Network_Pool. It#39;s in use currently by VDC [ORGVDC]. How can the administrator resolve this error?

  1. Remove the Routed Organization Network.

  2. Substitute the Network Pool for the Organization vDC.

  3. Remove the Isolated Organization Network.

  4. Substitute the Network Pool for the Provider vDC.

Answer: B

Question No: 92

An administrator has configured Single Sign-On for a vCloud Director cell named Cell01. Which URL should the administrator use to bypass SSO when logging into the cell?

  1. http://cell01/cloud/login.php

  2. http://cell01/cloud/login.jsp

  3. http://cell01/cloud/login.html

  4. http://cell01/cloud/admin.htm

Answer: B

Question No: 93

An administrator needs to allow guest customization for Windows XP 32-bit guests in vCloud Director.

Which procedure should the administrator complete to accomplish this?

  1. Copy SysPrep binaries to


  2. Copy SysPrep binaries to a vCenter Server datastore accessible to vCloud Director

  3. Copy SysPrep binaries to opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer

  4. Copy SysPrep binaries to the local datastore of the host where vCloud Director resides

Answer: A

Question No: 94

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

Which provider VDC shown in the exhibit is unable to power on additional vApps?

  1. Generic

  2. High-Performance

  3. High-Performance2

  4. POC Provider

Answer: D

Question No: 95

Which three actions should an administrator take before creating a vCloud Automation Center Provisioning Group? (Choose three.)

  1. Identify the Active Directory distribution groups for the users.

  2. Determine which users will be assigned the Provisioning Group Manager role.

  3. Identify the Active Directory security groups for the users.

  4. Determine which Cost Profiles will be used for the users.

  5. Identify the Active Directory container for provisioned machines.

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 96

An administrator is configuring an Org VDC using an Allocation Pool reservation model with the following configuration:

->CPU allocation: 55 GHz

->CPU resources guaranteeD.60%

->Memory allocation: 60 GB

->Memory resources guaranteeD.75%

The Provider VDC used by the Org VDC has 25 GHz available CPU and 35 GB available memory. Which configuration change should the administrator make to prevent an overcommit scenario?

  1. Change CPU allocation to 40 GHz.

  2. Change CPU resource guaranteed to 55%.

  3. Change Memory allocation to 45 GB.

  4. Change Memory resources guaranteed to 60%.

Answer: C

Question No: 97

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

An administrator needs to configure Site-to-Site VPN.

Based on the exhibit, which address should the administrator use for the Peer IP?





Answer: A

Question No: 98

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

There are three machines with the Machine Prefix shown in the exhibit. Based on the exhibit, what will be the name of the next machine?

  1. CodeNeb-QE-3

  2. CodeNeb-QE-4

  3. CodeNeb-QE-004

  4. CodeNeb-QE-003

Answer: D

Question No: 99

An administrator is decommissioning five old infrastructure servers and needs to delete the relevant Provider VDC, but is unable to right-click it and select Delete.

What still remains to be finished that is causing the problem? (Choose two.)

  1. The Organization VDC using the Provider VDC still exists.

  2. The Datastores configured within the Provider vDC have not been deleted.

  3. The Provider VDC is still enabled.

  4. The External Network is still enabled.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 100

An administrator needs to perform maintenance on an ESXi host within the vCloud Director

environment without interupting existing workloads. What should the administrator do?

  1. Redeploy VMs, then disable the ESXi host

  2. Disable the host cluster, then redeploy VMs

  3. Redeploy VMs, then disable the host cluster

  4. Disable the ESXi host, then redeploy All VMs

Answer: D

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