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Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

Question No: 211

What implementation must be added to the WLC to enable 802.1X and CoA for wireless endpoints?

  1. the ISE

  2. an ACL

  3. a router

  4. a policy server

Answer: A

Question No: 212


Currently, many users are expehecing problems using their AnyConnect NAM supplicant to login to the network. The rr desktop support staff have already examined and vehfed the AnyConnect NAM configuration is correct.

In this simulation, you are tasked to examine the various ISE GUI screens to determine the ISE current configurations to help isolate the problems. Based on the current ISE configurations, you will need to answer three multiple choice questions.

To access the ISE GUI, click on the ISE icon in the topology diagram to access the ISE GUI.

Not all the ISE GUI screen are operational in this simulation and some of the ISE GUI operations have been reduced in this simulation.

Not all the links on each of the ISE GUI screen works, if some of the links are not working on a screen, click Home to go back to the Home page first. From the Home page, you can access all the required screens.

To view some larger GUI screens, use the simulation window scroll bars. Some of the larger GUI screens only shows partially but will include all information required to complete this simulation.

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Which of the following statement is correct?

  1. Currently,IT users who successfully authenticate will have their packets tagged withaSGTof3.

  2. Currently,ITusers who successfully authenticate will be assigned to VLAN 9.

  3. Currently, any domain administrator who successfully authenticate will be assigned to

    VLAN 10.

  4. Computers belonging to the secure-x domain which passes machine authentication but failed user authentication will have the Employee_Restricted_DACL applied.

  5. Print Servers matching the Linksys-PrintServer identity group will have the following access restrictions:permit icmp any host permit tcp any host eq 80 permit icmp any host permit tcp any host eq 80 deny ip any any

Answer: C

Question No: 213

An organization has recently deployed ISE with Trustsec capable Cisco switches and would like to allow differentiated network access based on user groups. Which solution is most suitable for achieving these goals?

  1. Cyber Threat Defense for user group control by leveraging Netflow exported from the Cisco switches and identity information from ISE

  2. MACsec in Multiple-Host Mode in order to encrypt traffic at each hop of the network infrastructure

  3. Identity-based ACLs preconfigured on the Cisco switches with user identities provided by ISE

  4. Cisco Security Group Access Policies to control access based on SGTs assigned to different user groups

Answer: D

Question No: 214

Which attribute is needed for Cisco ISE to profile a device with HTTP probe?

  1. user-agent

  2. OUI

  3. host-name

  4. cdp-cache-platform

  5. dhcp-class-identifier

  6. sysDescr

Answer: A

Question No: 215

Wireless client supplicants attempting to authenticate to a wireless network are generating excessive log messages. Which three WLC authentication settings should be disabled? (Choose three.)

  1. RADIUS Server Timeout

  2. RADIUS Aggressive-Failover

  3. Idle Timer

  4. Session Timeout

  5. Client Exclusion

  6. Roaming

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 216

A network administrator needs to determine the ability of existing network devices to deliver key BYOD services. Which tool will complete a readiness assessment and outline hardware and software capable and incapable devices?

  1. Prime Infrastructure

  2. Network Control System

  3. Cisco Security Manager

  4. Identity Services Engine

Answer: A

Question No: 217

Which components must be selected for a client provisioning policy to do a Posture check on the Cisco ISE?

  1. Configuration Wizard, Wizard Profile

  2. Remediation Actions, Posture Requirements

  3. Operating System, Posture Requirements

  4. Agent, Profile, Compliance Module

Answer: D

Question No: 218

Which devices support download of environmental data and IP from Cisco ISE to SGT bindings in their SGFW implementation?

  1. Cisco ASA devices

  2. Cisco ISR G2 and later devices with ZBFW

  3. Cisco ISR G3 devices with ZBFW

  4. Cisco ASR devices with ZBFW

Answer: A

Question No: 219

Which two options are EAP methods supported by Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)


  2. EAP-TLS

  3. EAP-MS-CHAPv2

  4. EAP-GTC

Answer: A,B

Question No: 220

Which port does Cisco ISE use for native supplicant provisioning of a Windows machine?

  1. TCP 8443

  2. TCP/UDP 8905

  3. TCP/UDP 8909

  4. TCP 443

Answer: C Explanation:

8909 : web, cisco nac agent, supplicant provisioning wizard installation 8905 : Cisco NAC agent update

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