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VMware Certified Professional on vCloud

Question No: 91

An administrator is creating a vSphere Standard Switch with virtual machine and VMkernel networking. The administrator has two uplinks attached to the switch and wants to make sure multiple sessions for a virtual machine can utilize both uplinks.

Which load-balancing policy will guarantee this requirement is met, even if additional management or virtual machine traffic is added to the switch in the future?

  1. Route based on IP hash

  2. Route based on source MAC hash

  3. Route based on the originating port ID

  4. Use explicit failover

Answer: A

Question No: 92

Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting allows packets to be received by a virtual machine with different destination MAC addresses than the configured MAC address?

  1. Promiscuous mode

  2. Traffic shaping

  3. Forged transmits

  4. MAC address changes

Answer: D

Question No: 93

Due to diminishing capacity, an ESXi host is added to a cluster that supports a cloud environment. A vCloud administrator notices that newly created VMs created through vCD are not utilizing the host resource.

What is the reason for this?

  1. An inventory synchronization was not performed after the new host was added to the cluster.

  2. The host was not manually added to an organizational vDC before it was utilized.

  3. The host was not prepared to be part of the vCD environment.

  4. DRS was not enabled on the cluster providing resources to the vCD environment.

Answer: C

Question No: 94

An administrator is auditing IP address use in a specific Org vDC Network. Where will the administrator find this information?

  1. The administrator can run a Global IP Allocation report

  2. The information can be located in the IP Allocation properties for the specific Org vDC Network

  3. The information can be located in the System Properties of the Org vDC Network

  4. The administrator can run an IP Allocation report for the specific Org vDC Network

Answer: B

Question No: 95

Which statement describes the functionality of traffic shaping on a vSphere Standard Switch?

  1. vSphere Standard Switches support only egress traffic shaping.

  2. vSphere Standard Switches support both ingress and egress traffic shaping.

  3. vSphere Standard Switches support best-effort traffic shaping based on quality of service (QoS).

  4. vSphere Standard Switches support only ingress traffic shaping.

Answer: A

Question No: 96

An administrator is auditing VLAN to External Network mapping for a vCloud implementation.

Where will the administrator find this information?

  1. It is a part of the Networking view

  2. It is a part of the Virtual Network view in vCenter Resources

  3. It is a part of the External Network view

  4. It can be retrieved by generating an External Network Report

Answer: C

Question No: 97

When creating a dvPort group, which port binding option assigns a port to a virtual machine when the virtual machine is first powered on?

  1. Static binding

  2. Flexible

  3. Ephemeral

  4. Dynamic binding

Answer: D

Question No: 98

Which type of port on a secondary private VLAN can communicate with promiscuous ports

and other ports that share its VLAN tag?

  1. Isolated

  2. Promiscuous

  3. Community

  4. Trunked

Answer: C

Question No: 99

An administrator needs to remove an existing external network and redeploy the resources. Selecting Delete Network fails.

What could cause this issue?

  1. All Org vDC Networks that rely on the network must be deleted first.

  2. The external network specification must be deleted first.

  3. All Organization vDCs that rely on the network must be deleted first.

  4. All Provider vDCs that rely on the network must be deleted first.

Answer: A

Question No: 100

An administrator needs to audit all of the events of the last 24 hours in the vCloud infrastructure that is used across the company.

How can this information be retrieved?

  1. By viewing the logs and events for each Provider vDC

  2. By viewing the logs and events in the System Administration section of vCD

  3. By viewing the logs and events from the Manage and Monitor pane on the System tab

  4. By exporting the logs and events using the associated wizard

Answer: C

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