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Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals

Question No: 201

A help desk engineer is attempting to perform a remote packet capture on the wireless network. Which access point mode is necessary to perform this function?

  1. sniffer

  2. SE-Connect

  3. monitor

  4. rogue detector

  5. FlexConnect

Answer: A

Question No: 202

To implement a more secure means of communication for voice and data, what technology successfully resists interference by utilizing a wider bandwidth than needed for the transmitting signal?

  1. Spread Spectrum

  2. Microwave

  3. Extended U-NII2

  4. ISM Bands

Answer: A

Question No: 203

An AP was reset while working on the correct association to a Cisco WCS version 7.0. Which item was cleared during the reset?

  1. static IP address

  2. the location ID of the AP

  3. WLC primary, secondary, tertiary

  4. AP name

  5. certificate

  6. Nothing was cleared.

Answer: F

Question No: 204

The network administrator has used VLANs to separate VoIP frames from data frames in the wired network. What must the administrator use to separate those frames in the wireless network?

  1. multiple SSIDs

  2. multiple authentications

  3. multiple WEP or WPA keys

  4. multiple channels

  5. multiple 802.11 radios (a, b, g, n)

Answer: A

Question No: 205

In a typical wireless network using WPA, WPA2 or VPN, why is it still possible for a rogue client to launch a DOS attack?

  1. WPA and WPA2 are not considered strong encryption algorithms and are easily cracked.

  2. 802.11 management frames are easily compromised.

  3. Cisco Compatible Extensions v5 are required with WPA, WPA2, or VPN to keep rogues from launching attacks in the wireless network.

  4. The message integrity check frames are never encrypted or authenticated, which allows rogues to spoof clients.

Answer: B

Question No: 206

Which encryption algorithm does WPA use?

  1. RC4

  2. DES

  3. AES

  4. DH5

Answer: A

Question No: 207

A network engineer in the GUI of WCS version 7 wants to add an autonomous access point. Where can this command be found in the drop-down menu?

  1. Configure gt; Access Point gt; Add Autonomous APs

  2. Manage gt; Access Points gt; Add Autonomous APs

  3. Administration gt; Access Point gt; Add Autonomous APs

  4. Location gt; Access Point gt; Add Autonomous APs

Answer: A

Question No: 208

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

If Cisco WCS version 7.0 needs to have APs added, relocated, or removed on a respective map, which menu leads to the correct location to make that adjustment?

  1. Security

  2. Monitor

  3. Configure

  4. Services

  5. Administration

  6. Tools

Answer: B

Question No: 209

A wireless engineer has been asked to plan a deployment covering the aisles of a warehouse with optimal coverage while bleeding RF across aisles. Which antenna type provides the necessary coverage?

  1. patch

  2. omnidirectional

  3. Yagi

  4. parabolic dish

Answer: A

Question No: 210

A customer is using the access point GUI to upgrade the software on an autonomous access point to convert it to a lightweight access point. Which two transfer protocols are valid for conducting this transfer from the WLC? (Choose two.)

  1. FTP

  2. RCP

  3. SFTP

  4. HTTP

  5. SCP

  6. TFTP

Answer: D,F

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