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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics

Question No: 51

You need to establish picking routes.

Which two types of information do you need? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. The height of the locations

  2. The proximity of the outbound dock

  3. The direction in which to travel through the warehouse

  4. The number of aisles

Answer: B,C

Explanation: The picking route takes into account the different parameters that are set up for the warehouse, such as:

*Height of locations.

*The direction in which to drive the truck in the warehouse.


*The sorting code that is used to indicate the best route through inventory.

Question No: 52

A sale was made, and on one of the lines of the sales order, another sales group must be given credit for the sale and any commission that is generated for that line.

You need to generate the commission on the relevant sales line to the other sales group. What should you use?

  1. The sales journal

  2. Theline details section of the sales order

  3. The Commission calculation form

  4. The Commission posting form

Answer: C

Explanation: Commission calculation

Click Navigation Pane node: Accounts receivable -gt; Setup -gt; Commission -gt; Commission calculation.

Go to the Setup tab, specify the following options: Etc.

Question No: 53

You need to ensure that a customer receives a discount when the customer orders more than 10 items from the same item discount group.

In the Journal lines, price/discount agreement form, what should you select in the Relation column?

  1. Price (Sales)

  2. Totaldisc. (Sales)

  3. Line disc. (Sales)

  4. Multiline disc, (sales)

Answer: D

Explanation: Multiline discount

Activate trade agreement combinations for multiline discounts.These trade agreements can apply to an individual item and an item multiline discount group. The trade agreements can also apply to all items combined with an individual customer, a customer multiline discount group, or all customers.

For example, if a sales order exceeds a quantity of 10 on a specific group of items, the multiline discount is triggered.

Question No: 54

You need to identify during which status update the inventory of quarantined orders is returned to its original location.

Which status update should you identify?

  1. Reported as finished

  2. Ended

  3. Released

  4. Received

Answer: B

Explanation: * Ended status

When a quarantine order that was reported as finished is ended, the item is moved from the quarantine warehouse back to the regular warehouse. The status of the item transaction is set to Sold at the quarantine warehouse and Purchased at the regular warehouse.

*Quarantine orders can have the following statuses: Created


Reported as finished Ended


not A:Reported as finished status

By clicking Report as finished, you can report a started quarantine order as finished. The

item is released from quarantine but is not yet moved back to the regular warehouse.

Question No: 55

You create a new purchase order and add a line that has a product, quantity, and unit price.

You need to send the purchase order to the vendor. What should you generate?

  1. Areceipts list

  2. Aproduct receipt

  3. Apro forma receipts list

  4. Aconfirmation

Answer: B

Explanation: Confirm the receipt of products [AX 2012]

When you order a product such as a new office desk, and the purchase is then confirmed, a product receipt that has not yet been confirmed becomes available on the Unconfirmed product receipts page on Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The product receipt indicates the expected date of delivery of the ordered product. When the product arrives, you must confirm the receipt of the product. You need to do this to indicate that you accept the delivery. You do this on the Unconfirmed product receipts page.

->Click Procurement on the top link bar, and then click Unconfirmed product

receipts on the Quick Launch.

->Select the product receipt that you want to confirm. On the Action Pane, on the Confirmation of product receipt tab, in the Update group, click Receive.

->Approve or change the received quantity, and then click the Close line check box if you want to close the purchase order line.

->Click Save and close to save the changes, if any, and return to the Unconfirmed product receipts page. The product receipt that you have just confirmed is no longer visible in the list.

Question No: 56

You need to configure commissions to be calculated on sales, only after all discounts are

taken on the line items of a sales order. What should you use?

  1. The Sales order journal

  2. The Price/discount agreement journal

  3. The Commission percentage field

  4. The Discount field

Answer: D

Explanation: Commission calculation (form) [AX 2012] Field: discount

Specify whether the calculation of the commission for the individual invoice line will be based on the gross line amount (Before line discount) or on the net line amount (After line discount).

If you select After total discount, any end discount is deducted from the total commission that is calculated after the line discount.


Not C: Field:Commission percentage

Specify the percentage base with which to calculate the amount of the commission. Together with the calculation method in the Discount, the percentage basis entered here calculates the size of the commission.

Question No: 57

You plan to create a product template.

Which three settings will be copied when you create a new productthat is based on the product template? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. Item price

  2. Item group

  3. Tracking dimension group

  4. Item model group

  5. Units of measure

Answer: B,D,E

Explanation: Once you have selected a product template, you can click Show more fields in order to view the important field content that has been provided by the template. You can overwrite template values which are displayed on the form.

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Question No: 58

You create a new product that has a new bill of materials (BOM). The lines for each component are added to the BOM lines.

You need to configure the BOM to prevent the line for item 700 and the line for item 500 from both being selected in the BOM.

What should you create?

  1. Aconfiguration route for item 700 by using the Select method for 500

  2. Aconfiguration rule for item 700 by using The Select method for 500

  3. Aconfiguration route for item 700 by using the Deselect method for 500

  4. Aconfiguration rule for item 700 by using the Deselect method for 500

Answer: D

Explanation: * Configuration Rule Methods: The following methods are available:

/Deselect – The derived configuration group, item number, and configuration cannot be selected if the combination specified in the Configuration group and Item number fields is selected when you set the configuration.

/Select – The derived configuration group, item number, and configuration will automatically be selected if the combination specified in the Configuration group and Item number fields is selected when you set the configuration.

  • Example:

    Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/- PL61fAovMvg/Ue5yjZmuURI/AAAAAAAAAIE/TmtZuZ2Kbm0/s1600/5.png

    Question No: 59

    A user wants to use a custom filter onthe Arrival overview form.

    You need to explain how to save the filter options to the user#39;s computer. What should you tell the user?

    1. Use the Personalization form to change the layout, and then load the Personalization settings in the Arrival overview form.

    2. Specify a setup name on the Setup tab of the Arrival overview form and save the current settings.

    3. Specify a setup name on the Setup tab of the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form and save the current settings.

    4. Create a shipment template, and then apply the template in the Arrival overview form.

    Answer: B

    Explanation: Arrival overview (form) [AX 2012]

  • The overvieb tabConsists of five main sections:

/ Filter options for the information that is displayed in the form. Etc

/ The Setup tab:Setup option for the information that is to be displayed on the Overview tab.

Question No: 60

You need to override the profit and loss account to which the physical inventory is posted in the general ledger.

Which type of inventory journal should you use?

  1. Movement

  2. Inventory adjustment

  3. Transfer

  4. Profit and loss

Answer: B

Explanation: The Inventory adjustment or Profit/Loss journal is generally used to write-off inventory or to make standard adjustments. It is an inventory adjustment journal for items lost, broken, or justfound where item value and quantity must be updated to keep inventory accuracy. This kind of journal automatically applies financial transactions to preset accounts for profit and loss. This journal was known as Profit and Loss journal in earlier versions of AX prior to AX 2012.

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