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Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Question No: 41

Where are configuration records stored?

  1. In a CMDB

  2. In a MySQL DB

  3. In a XLS file

  4. There is no need to store them

Answer: A

Question No: 42

In which case should an employee return his laptop to the organization?

  1. When moving to a different role

  2. Upon termination of the employment

  3. As described in the asset return policy

  4. When the laptop is end of lease

Answer: C

Question No: 43

What is a trunk link used for?

  1. To pass multiple virtual LANs

  2. To connect more than two switches

  3. To enable Spanning Tree Protocol

  4. To encapsulate Layer 2 frames

Answer: A

Question No: 44

Which of the following are Cisco cloud security solutions?

  1. CloudDLP

  2. OpenDNS

  3. CloudLock

  4. CloudSLS

Answer: B,C

Question No: 45

Which definition of a fork in Linux is true?

  1. daemon to execute scheduled commands

  2. parent directory name of a file pathname

  3. macros for manipulating CPU sets

  4. new process created by a parent process

Answer: D

Question No: 46

Which definition of the virtual address space for a Windows process is true?

  1. actual physical location of an object in memory

  2. set of virtual memory addresses that it can use

  3. set of pages that are currently resident in physical memory

Question No: 47

Which definition of permissions in Linux is true?

  1. rules that allow network traffic to go in and out

  2. table maintenance program

  3. written affidavit that you have to sign before using the system

  4. attributes of ownership and control of an object

Answer: D

Question No: 48

Which term represents the practice of giving employees only those permissions necessary to perform their specific role within an organization?

  1. integrity validation

  2. due diligence

  3. need to know

  4. least privilege

Answer: D

Question No: 49

Based on which statement does the discretionary access control security model grant or restrict access ?

  1. discretion of the system administrator

  2. security policy defined by the owner of an object

  3. security policy defined by the system administrator

Question No: 50

Which hashing algorithm is the least secure?

  1. MD5

  2. RC4

  3. SHA-3

  4. SHA-2

Answer: A

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